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Giving Back

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We, at Chandak Brothers are extremely conscious of the environment we and our employees live in. Taking pride in our ethical labor practices and an environmental-friendly manufacturing plant, we feel responsible for the well-being of the workforce and the entire Chandak family is involved in promoting education of the children of the craftsmen and workers. We have set up programs to improve the conditions of women thus making it a multi-faceted approach to increase self-dependence and positively impact the entire community’s health. To reduce our footprint on the environment, we practice composting within the campus and recycle most of the waste that is generated on the sites. The involvement of the workforce in this process is essential as it also educates them about the environmental impacts our daily activities have, this message means a lot when it is taken back home and can definitely have an impact on a social level.

Broadly we have taken the following measures:

– Energy efficient machinery
– Vocational training and workshops held for women
– No Child Labor
– Effective Waste Treatment
– Employee Safety
– Collaborated with several NGOs in Delhi for education of underprivileged students through CB Scholarships