a leading hardware
manufacturer and exporter
in India, established in
1966 as a family business.
Finishes Chandak Brothers Products Ranges

About Us

Welcome to Chandak Brothers, a leading hardware manufacturer and exporter in India, established in 1966 as a family business. Chandak Brothers presents an exclusive and vast range architectural ironmongery, made from high quality metal and alloys under strict quality control.

The company follows the modest philosophy of the founder, G.D Chandak, who believed in delivering timely and accurately to forge long-lasting ties. His son, Deepak Chandak, the current CEO, has carried forward the legacy of transparency and of being a client-centric organisation. Along with him, the entire team values quality and integrity which made it possible for the company to carve its niche. As of today, Chandak Brothers enjoys an enviable reputation in the fiercely competitive and highly demanding international market by supplying to prominent hardware stores in UK, Europe and Australia.

How We do it?

We see the journey of every piece in every box that leaves our manufacturing unit as an example of luxury
and reliability crafted carefully by a three step process which is highly-customized as per the client’s wishes.

How We do it?

The infrastructure is focused on global standards and premium quality, boasting of a production capacity of more than 1200 metric tonnes per year . Our entire line is in-house and the workflow is synchronized for the most efficient output, this also provides a high degree of independence and ease of quality checks at random.

There are three units having a large number of automatic and semi-automatic machines, installed to manufacture a diverse and intricate range of products. After procurement of certified raw material, the following process is followed:

  • Sand casting
  • Forging (upto 400 tons variable load)
  • Diecasting- Zinc
  • Machining: Lathe, filing, grinding, lancer, drilling, taping, milling, power press
  • Polishing/ buffing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Electroplating, Anodizing
  • Electrophoretic Lacquering, Electrostatic Lacquering
  • Power Coating
  • Assembling
  • Packaging


A 60 year journey has equipped us with protocols and strategies to strengthen our quality control. As an ISO compliant firm, we believe in preventing defects instead of inspecting them. Our manufacturing process and the attitude of the workforce is shaped in such a way that quality is given utmost priority. The quality assurance is done at each stage of the manufacturing process- from procurement to shipping. The in-house team is dedicated to deliver quality consistently and as a part of the inspection process relevant performance tests are conducted:

    • Acetone test (1000+)
    • Handle life cycle test (100,000+)
    • Lock life cycle test (100,000+)
    • Cylinder life cycle test (100,000+)
    • Pencil hardness (4H+)
    • Corrosion resistance test (polish brass – natural salt spray test)
    • Sweat resistance cycle

Packaginghow we do it

Great things come in CB packages. We offer the following options to our clients:

  • Plain Box (white/ brown with stick labels)
  • Printed Box ( as per the artwork given by the client)
  • Value Packs for Trading
  • Floor Display Standing Units (For promotions)
  • Polybag & Header Card (as per the artwork given by the client)
  • Skin card (as per the design given by client)
  • Blister & clamp shell
  • Bar codes, colored labels

Giving Back

We, at Chandak Brothers are extremely conscious of the environment we and our employees live in. Taking pride in our ethical labor practices and an environmental-friendly manufacturing plant, we feel responsible for the well-being of the workforce and the entire Chandak family is involved in promoting education of the children of the craftsmen and workers. We have set up programs to improve the conditions of women thus making it a multi-faceted approach to increase self-dependence and positively impact the entire community’s health.